Animation, VFX, 3D, CG, Art direction in Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris

AOKI : Reel 2014

Art direction | high quality 3D animation

AOKIStudio is a collaboration of directors, art directors, scenarists and concept artists leading CG animation studios in Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris.
We are a creative studio, producing high quality 3D animation for TV commercials and events.

Blog about kids movies.

films pour enfants
Our passion for kids movies has guided us to create a blog about the best movies for kids.

Database about films for kids.

children's film festivals database
Database about award-winning animated films of international kids and children's film festivals. Actually more than 150 award-winning films and 60 children's film festivals are listed in the database with a link for each film or trailer.
AOKIStudio get news from children's film festivals and had news films each month.